The People

Director: Tan Siok Siok

Tan Siok Siok, also known as Siok Siok Tan,is a film maker with a deep passion for China documentaries. Born and raised in Singapore, she has built a career as an executive producer of international documentaries, focusing on the greater China region. Her executive producer credits include Discovery Channel’s China First Time Film Makers Initiative, Portraits Taiwan– a biography series of prominent Taiwanese as well as travel and lifestyle shows for Discovery Travel and Living. “Boomtown Beijing” is her first independent film. She directed the film with the assistance of her students while she was a visiting lecturer at the Beijing Film Academy.

Director of Photography: Zhao Dahai

Zhao Dahai has a bachelor degree in photography from the Beijing Film Academy. Since graduation, he has devoted his time and energy to the shooting of documentary films. In 2004, he did the camerawork for two of the six films in Discovery Channel’s China First Time Film Makers’ initiative. He also served as a co-director of one of these two films. Since then he has shot other documentaries for Discovery as well as international media companies and CCTV, China’s national broadcaster. His portfolio as director and producer includes commissioned work for China’s Commerce Ministry, Aviation Department and various companies. Besides documentary films, Dahai is also working on two books of photographs on Tibet, due for publication in 2008.

Dahai is passionately committed to the conservation of the environment, charity work and education. He has worked on the production of documentaries, short films and educational films for related non-profit organizations and taken part in various international cultural exchanges in celebration of peace and friendship.

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  1. […] Tan Siok Siok, also known as Siok Siok Tan, is an international documentary film maker, Singapore born, whose films focus on the greater China region. With an elite team drawn from the Beijing Film Academy, she has produced what promises to be a marvellous cinematic insight into the “Olympic fever”, of which I saw plenty of signs in Beijing late last year. With the Games only a few months away now, that fever has no doubt increased in pitch and intensity. […]

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