My Beijing Olympics documentary website

All films are about ways of seeing. In other words, points of view. Hopefully a POV that is unique and useful for the rest of the world.

Hence, a film’s website is an opportunity to create a rich and multi-layered context that helps the audience appreciate that unique point of view.

Unfortunately, that is not what traditional film websites do. Film websites typically come across like brochures posted on the web. Like all brochures, they put great emphasis on static information– synopsis, screening information, biographies of the crew and cast.

In contrast, bestselling authors use the web in a more dynamic and sophisticated way. They illustrate and further explore the theories and concepts that are first introduced in their books through an ongoing blog.

Take for instance, Chris Anderson, editor-in-chief of Wired magazine, uses the website for his book, The Long Tail, to comment on current events that illuminate the idea of the Long Tail.

Taking a leave from these authors, I would like this site to be a film website with a difference.

Beyond the obligatory film information, it will also create a context for understanding the themes of the film, the Beijing Olympics phenomenon (believe me, it is a phenomenon) and the complexity of contemporary China.

A tall order. But I believe it can be done.


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