My First Film Festival Poster

I recently presented my documentary about the Beijing Olympics at the Guangzhou International Documentary Festival.

Boomtown Beijing is my first independent film and making the festival posters was a big thrill. Mainly because I did it at the last minute — the day I arrived in Guangzhou. I got them printed at a little shop right next to the famous Sun Yat-Sen University.

GZ Doc Festival Poster

A big thank-you to Carrie Dee Cao, a graduate student at SYSU who helped me pull it together. She also coordinated and publicized my guest lectures at the university.

Talk about useful local knowledge!

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Iranian director Majid Majidi makes Beijing Olympics documentary

Fascinating piece of news, Iranian director, Majid Majidi is making a short documentary about the Beijing Olympics.

Iranian director makes documentary on Beijing —-穆民先驅

Known for his sensitive portrayal of children in films such as Children of Heaven and Colour of Paradise, Majidi will explore the 2008 games from the perspective of children.

I am curious to find out how this legendary Iranian director will approach the topic of Beijing Olympics.

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